Vaticould (reveil the truth)

Dear people, here and now I want to share two of my latest posts on pinterest. and truths I have carried with me for many, many years. Not very elaborate and I stick with the words I used on Pinterest.

Vatican/Vaticould reveil the truth.

One of my incarnations was an Essene archivist, so I should know.

Scrollin’, scrollin’, scrollin’, scroll hide.

As I sing in my song Mammoth Train:”How many hidden documents are waiting to be reveiled?”

2000 years of untruth and so many other things based on that untruth.

It will all collapse.

Christ did not create Christianity but Jesus was one with his divine spirit and awareness and he was beyond religion.

Religion is of the world, not of Spirit.

~Zephaniah the Essene archivist (now you are free)

Published by Rosarium Lane

producer/recording artist, in the world, not of it.

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