About Rosarium Lane

The rosarium at the Rosariumlaan in Driebergen, the Netherlands

About Rosarium Lane

Rosarium Lane is Michael Voogsgerd’s name as a music producer and recording artist.

“I play all instruments in my music myself and I sing sometimes but I also like to work with other singers.”

“I do not like to categorise in terms of musical style, it is reggae + ambient/world pop maybe, I come from reggae, I started playing in reggae bands in the 80’s, mostly I was the initiator and bandleader as well.

We have had some weird band names: Red Satta, Mystic Lion and the Judges, Mystic Science and Mystic Fruit Bass, The Mystic part was always my part”


About the name Rosarium Lane

The Rosariumlaan in Driebergen, the Netherlands (Rosarium Lane in English) is the street where I spent a lot of my time during my early childhood years in the seventies.

I was born in a house on another street at the end of the Rosariumlaan and the Rosariumlaan is an important part of my good memories, beginning 1970’s. It was and still is a quiet street with quite large houses and tall old trees.

It also has a rosarium (rose garden) in the middle and I remember having a nice spiritual experience as a young toddler in that Rosarium on a warm summer day. That is also the reason why I chose to use the name Rosarium Lane as an artist/producer name.

Entrance of the rosarium seen from inside the rosarium

I actually would not mind if one day I could buy a house on the Rosariumlaan and return to the place where I was born, even though the latter is not a goal on its own. 

Musical history

I started playing instruments at a very young age and got some classical guitar lessons when I was 11 years of age. I also sang second voice often with my sister who played the guitar. Like simon and Garfunkel and Beatles songs.

I played percussion in a funk/jazzrock band called Squids when I was around the age of 14, that was my first real band experience, a very young band though. Later, from the age of 15 I started to form my own bands as a singer and guitar player, always bandleader as well. This was in my ‘dreadlocks period’ as I call it sometimes. Here is a picture of me with the main core of the band Mystic Science (it was a 9 man band). I have also been a drummer and singer in the same period in another band.
These four guys lived in the same block apartment building and except for the one on the left we also lived in the same apartment.


in the world, not of it.

I am a profound man, spiritual one could say, from a very young age, Love is key and a loving attitude, being centered in the heart is very important. I am not very political though I am a member of the Dutch Party For The Animals and I am also very interested in the environment and clean energy, let’s get rid of plastic.

Me when I was 18

After Mystic Science

After Mystic Science split up I played in some other bands, also experimenting with styles but not for long and after that I started recording my own music, playing all instruments and singing all vocals. I released two experimental instrumental albums under the artist name Michael Mused, they are still available on Amazon as real CD’s. It is not a music style that I make at this time.

Now I work as a producer/composer and I work with different singers, I also published two songs with my own vocals as Rosarium Lane; Dawn and In another lifetime. And now I am coming with my new Album.

Musical style

It’s not my favorite thing, to categorise, but my music is at the moment is mainly Reggae but also some kind of ambient-world-pop, influences are world music, reggae and ambient. Sometimes in my keyboard sounds you can hear some zouk influence and some reggae in my basslines and organs.

I don’t make loud or busy music, though I have also played in a 3 man hardrock band as singer and (only) guitar player.
Playing in bands and playing different instruments at a young age made me a multi-instrumentalist and I gained much experience doing that. Having been a drummer helps me with recording the drums.

In terms of mixing and producing I like things natural, I am not a big fan of overly produced or high equalised  vocals or autotune I rather seek the unique sound of the real vocal and then apply some effect. I like my drums present and my basses warm.

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