High Teach – About the album

Mammoth Train (Stolen Earth) – Track 2

What I can say about my new album High Teach.

A keyword is simplicity, I wanted to sound like a band without a real lead singer in some songs, just ‘the band’ singing, This really started when I was recording Hatshepsut and when I heard it and liked it.
And that worked, listen to Flesh and Bone and Come to the real. Also I wanted it to sound as if it is happening in your room.
So I chose for not producing, mixing and mastering it like it is done mostly these days in Pop music. (sound on steroids, as I call it)
I did not want to raise the high and low frequencies (EQ) and also did not want to use compression this time, on the overall mix. Mostly no effects on the vocals. So it sounds a bit different compared to my collaboration songs.
And you may want to dial up the volume and dial it down when you play another artist.
I also avoided predictability sometimes, like in the track ‘Society‘ I intentionally did not put a verse in the middle or a guitar solo. So that instrumental part (with other solists) has meaning. And that is also about not using words. That verse is for nature.

Statue of Hatshepsut

Actually I wanted to avoid putting in things that are lead or solo, but there are some lead parts on the album of course. I did all vocals myself and all instruments.
Two tracks are instrumental, including the title track and two other tracks are more like mantras when it comes to words, I moved away from words and definitions in my spiritual development during the years, because a definition is not the same as what it is defining and can also become a limitation, and I also chose to use few words in some tracks. I also did not put words on the artwork. Not that I compare my album with The dark side of the moon or Abbey Road, it was just a choice and the image speaks for itself, to me it looks like ‘High Teach’ and it also has the colours of the heart chakra. I also have an association with happy cells or happy molecules with this artwork. Happy particles.

I made this design myself and I remember taking a long time to pick/make this green colour and I wanted to keep the pink layer/flower very soft and transparent. You can see below and above that I have some merch on society6 with this design like postcards and tote bags, a shower curtain even. So if you want to show that you are High Teach (or a mammoth) you can.

The sequence of the songs is also nice for an album, it comes from a place and it goes somewhere. and you meet some interesting things on the way. It is a whole.

Some real ingredients on this album (tracks: Courtyard, Society and Hatshepsut )

High Teach, I know it is not proper English but it certainly has meaning. It is about having a spiritual experience that informs you, often without words. You can call such an experience high teach. Like a term as in “This is High Teach man!” Or when somebody tells or sings something very true.

So, DuckDuckGo or Google, not High Tea or High Tech.

I remember that I used to see graffitti art, I believe close to Utrecht Central Station in the Netherlands, that said High Teach in big cartoon letters in rasta colours in the 80s or 90s on a wall alongside the rail trail.

The track High Teach is also 4.20 min. long 🙂 and you can call the experience you can have after smoking marijuana ‘high teach’ mostly. #420

Come to the Real That is also not a proper English phrase I think and maybe some will ask what do you mean with ‘the real’? I would say; what is, without you and your educated and social mind interpreting what you experience and then experience flows that inform you without words and that works out within you in the future. It is like meditation but without anything that is attached to that word like spiritual words, ceremony or religion, dignified behavior, etc. just coming to what is in yourself and do that a lot until you walk it.

Society (Track 4-click the monkey)

It is also important to combine this with connecting to the spirit of nature. Many people feel good things about nature and that is good but more people do not speak about the spirit of nature and the spiritual realms of and in nature, that is also in-between matter and spirit realms in nature, without being scientific about it. But one has to quiet down, be gentle and come to the real indeed to experience things this way and to connect with it. Hence the phrase in the track Society: “You have scared many beings away, but you don’t feel it.”

There is a whole green realm and layer of energies and consiousness that has been pushed away and denied and is being pushed away and denied by modern humans, because of the overly logical scientific approach that has caused a desensitization for realms like this and it’s a shame.
This is a sabotage that often takes the form of ridicule, also in your own mind.
Mankind needs a new kind of science that includes sensitivity, maybe they should call it ‘Sense’. Also, desensitized people invent things that distort nature and people’s energy fields, there seems to be a big hurry in technological development, haste even and many inventors do not feel what (harm) they are doing. (think about fossil fuels and plastic and beware of AR glasses) So mankind must be very careful with what they bring into the world (and into space) and with their trust in inventors and technology as it is now. Of course I am also talking about the desensitized male human and that is why I put Hatshepsut (Women in power as they should) on the album. Women though must be careful that they do not continue with what desensitized men have started. Or in the same desensitized way.

It is the spiritual realm within nature connected or merged with your consciousness I am talking about, so the spirit of nature is a good term and it informs you, for example, when things need to change, in a different way than the climate does now. But these days often with an energy of urgency and a sad feeling of being forgotten. It is this neglect that causes so many problems in today’s world. People throw more of their sensitivity (for this) away with every cigarette butt they drop on the street or out the window and with every violation of nature they manifest. But of course they do these things because they already threw that sensitivity away and were not educated with it. Or it was not recognised and acknowledged and therefore went astray.

Buy High Teach Merch (Mind the sizes with the tote bags, 13 inch is quite small)

There are more articles on Society6 with this design, just scroll down when you are on one of these you see above.

December 2017. Tikal National Park at sunrise. Tikal, Guatemala. Photograph by Jason Houston for USAID
Jade (Nephrite) & Rose Quartz
(I sleep with these next to me)
Green Opal & 7 Rose Quartz tumbled stones around it
Green calcite & Rose Quartz

If you want to amplify or invite this vibin’/connecting with the spirit of nature High Teach experience , you can put a combination of Rose quartz together with a green gemstone in your room, I prefer large ones, like 3 inch (7 cm) like the jade stone. Or larger and you can also wear smaller ones together. The green stone stands for nature and the Rose Quartz stands for Love. Combine this with the intention to connect with (your) nature spirit and make it known, so also ask (your) nature spirit to connect with you and let the stones symbolise that intention and that request. If you love the ocean or live on an island you can also search for a Chrysocolla or Quantum Quattro stone instead of a green stone.

Good green stones for this are Green Opal– (photo), Jade (Nephrite)-(photo), Green Calcite-(photo), Moss agate, Rhyolite, Serpentine, close to the green colour of my album is Peridot (rare) and further any green stone that feels good for you. If you don’t believe in these things you can do it as a symbol and reminder, for the love for nature and the oneness with nature as a human. If you work with this approach you will undo the effects of the idea of spirit up there and the physical down here, which is a distortion of reality and well-being. Hence the song/mantra Flesh and Bone (are not all alone) and in verse 2 of the track Society I sing about the particles of matter and particles of spirit dancing the dance of life.

“Life is about vibing with matter and nature, not about rationalising it,
knowing it by merging with it, as a spirit, not by objectifying it

because that is what you take with you in spirit, the experience gain
and not the rational knowledge

Peace and Love”,

~Rosarium Lane


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