About the song ‘Society’

I’ve been thinking for a while about explaining something about the track ‘Society’ from my album High Teach.
I think it is a track that some people don’t understand and people might think I shouldn’t have written it in the ‘you’ form because it comes across as if I’m distancing myself from society.
Well, actually I do distance myself from society in my life and I follow my inner nature and path but what I want to say is this:

When I recorded the track High Teach and was thinking that I wanted to make an album and what I wanted to put on it, I had a profound experience.

With my inner eye I saw a green wave coming out of the ground with a face like the green man in it, Actually it looked like my own face too and this green energy said “don’t forget about me/us” (me/us was how it came across and I did not hear a verbal sentence but the sentence came to me as a packet of information, as is often the case with these kinds of experiences.) I wrote this on my Ustart start page as a post it note while I was working on the album.

During the recording of the album I kept this experience in mind and when I was listening to the album for the first time after mastering the tracks and I came to the track ‘Society’ I listened to it with a worldly ear and thought oh People are not going to like this but then the green energy came up again with a very sincere and emotional thank you for this song.
Despite the doubt, I still put this song on the album, because the green experience had more influence. So this is where my album comes from.

I wrote the lyrics for ‘Society’ from the perspective of this green energy, from the perspective of the animals and nature, that is why I wrote it in ‘you’ form.

Let me also explain again why there is an instrumental part in the middle of the song instead of a verse. People use many words but nature speaks without words, so I chose to put some bird sounds on the music instead of a verse with words in the middle of the song.

From the album High Teach by Rosarium Lane

Published by Rosarium Lane

producer/recording artist, in the world, not of it.

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