Zephaniah the Essene archivist (Dead Sea Scrolls), a Pope must reveal the Truth

Dear people, I have released a new single and revelation.

Just like my album High Teach it is released on august 10,

I add the lyrics below the video. and below the lyrics I write a bit more about my memories as an Essene archivist and the Dead Sea Scrolls and about abortion and LGBTQ, in a positive way and more.

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Peace and Love

Rosarium Lane

Reveal the Truth (Be Free)

Religion is misleading, wowowowo why
religion is the golden calf
You cannot mess with the scriptures
and teach the people awe (Ch) Teach them awe

I used to be an Essene 2000 years ago (Ch): the archivist
and I hid the scrolls (Ch): Dead Sea scrolls

(All) Be Free
Be Love

Now I wouldn’t choose to live like that anymore
way too strict for me
I just live my divine Love Spirit yeah (Ch) Spirit
and seek it in everything (Ch) everything

what more? (pro choice)
Abortion (Ch) pro choice
(All) Pro choice
that seedling gonna find another womb
or the same womb on another day (Ch) Pro choice, Be Free

LGBTQ identification (Ch) Be Free

Religion is misleading wowowowo why
religion is the golden calf

(All) Be Free
Be Love

little Guitar Solo

Religion is misleading wowowowo why
religion is the golden calf


(weird): Ligion (French): religion
(Dutch) religie

Religion is of the world, not of spirit

Qumran caves

First I want to add that some Dead Sea scrolls are being held back by the Vatican, I know this because I was the archivist of the Essenes and I have access to those memories.

There were Essene writers who followed and observed Jesus when he was on his mission and they brought me their eyewitness accounts or let trusted others bring them to me in Qumran. Those texts are different than the known gospels and since I was a teenager (in this lifetime) I always felt that the known gospels are not completely true. There also must be more elaborate texts about the Baptist. I knew them both and John was my friend, I was a bit older than him and I believe his current incarnation is older than me.

At a certain point in time the archive/library was moved to the caves and I lived there too. I believe they now call it cave 4 and I lived in a cave connected to it. I grew up there then and I knew the terrain very well because I played there as a kid. They used to call me ‘Goat’ because I loved to climb those rocks. When I was older people were more respectful. I was quite a serious and stern person then.

The archivist is only one of many incarnations I have and I have (had) other incarnations in the same culture and in other cultures that have more spiritual abilities, I don’t identify myself with his personality but I chose to write this in the I-form and I free ‘him’ with myself and I free myself with ‘him’. I also do not live with the same belief-system as the Essenes but I learned things in that life and it is important now. Because certain forms of religion have gone rogue, so to speak, all based on untruth. Things that happen in the USA for example. Overturning Roe is a big mistake and part of a conservative agenda, or churches where people carry guns. One has to actualise Spirit to be informed and (thus) Spirit is not conservative. The song ‘Come to the Real’ from my album High Teach is very much about that and daily meditation too.

(American) conservatism and rich man’s ‘Christianity’ and the second amendment are also a golden calf. Overturning Roe was my cue to publish this song and this text because it is ignorance becoming dangerous.

In this song I also touch on the subjects of abortion (pro choice) and LGBTQ identification (Be Free) and that is not very Essene-like but important for many (religious) or conservative people in the world who stick to old and rigid rules and beliefs, with a lot of judgements and violence, unfortunately.

I do not mention capital punishment in the song but I thought about it, because the death penalty only creates more karma for other souls involved: lawmaker (yes the lawmaker is involved), judge, executioner and it is completely insane and it should be abolished. Hear ye!

Fortunately Jesus did not die on the cross and that is the most serious and probably most shocking revelation for many.

Those who harm others because they believe they are sinners will feel very ashamed after they die and they will reincarnate again to learn to live less judgemental lives. Not because a God wants that as a punishment but because their own divine spirit wants and needs to correct this. That is how it works.

My heart is my sharpest sword,
Be Free, Be Love,

~Rosarium Lane
7even-Armed Sun

For the LGBTQ community

Hello dear people,

I have released a new song called Rainbow and I bring it with the words:

This song is for the LGBTQ community and with that for the world.

Peace and Love,

Rosarium Lane


New mix and master of the new song is here

Dear people,

here is a new version of my new song, because I had to remove it from digital platforms due to a spelling mistake in the title I improved the mix and the master. It will be back on Spotify etc. asap.

Read more about this song and the lyrics here

I used the wrong spelling in the title of my new song

Hello dear people,

I found out that I used the wrong (obsolete) spelling in the title of my new song. (Shock!)

I used the word reveil instead of reveal, so now I need Cd baby to change that on all digital platforms or maybe I have to re-release the song, I hope not. I already changed the video and the blogpost about it, the rest will take some time.

This is the blogpost I wrote about it with more information about my lifetime as an Essene archivist and the secrets of the Vatican concerning the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Have a great day,

Rosarium Lane

Finding Yourself

Finding yourself does not mean seeing a new self-image or an archetype and then identifying with it. This is something people can get stuck in when they start their spiritual growth in life.

Seeing something can be a ‘teaser’ but when you see it, you are not being it and most identifications are not so good and often keep people from going further.

Some identify with thoughtforms and archetypes. Think about the messiah syndrome or soldier from God identifications.


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The Divine is not in awe of itself

The Divine is not in awe of itself, nor is it hurt or offended by blasphemy.

It is hurt by people who play judge and who kill others for blasphemy and it is disappointed in those who are disappointed when their new born child is a girl.


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The worst sabotage in the world

The worst sabotage in the world comes from men who suppress within themselves what they associate with femininity.

It also comes from women who like that kind of men, so they can be their ‘other half’.

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