That Other Pollution

The Joy Of Missing Out

These days I post things on the innernet, even though this blog post is a post on the internet, it has been a while.

I stopped using Twitter and Instagram a year ago and recently I also threw out tumblr and linkedin, (have not had Facebook in years) I now call social media ‘that other pollution’ and I rediscovered the Joy Of Missing Out, #JOMO

I find it ridiculous and terrbible how social media is intertwined with the news and society. It is so shallow and empty and especially instagram facilitates girls and women to be sex objects and make money with 1 or 2 million followers. It is all business and manipulated timelines and that is what (young) people seem to learn from it. That creates an ugliness in society which I find disgusting. It is a real pollution of the mind and of society. I think mankind must be very careful with this. But people are so addicted that many do not want to realise this.

Even writing about it feels unpleasant, so I want to end with repeating that I rediscovered the Joy Of Missing Out.

Published by Rosarium Lane

producer/recording artist, in the world, not of it.

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