Heart-Based Society

The things that are happening in the world right now are all about change. They are changes and calls for changes.
It is time for all people in the world to start a heart-based society and say goodbye to the business-based or religion-based societies.

My country, the Netherlands, is back in a hard lockdown as of today. The time people spend alone at home can be used to be or become more heart-based. See, approach and respond not with your head but with your heart, the mind in the heart and practice being centered in your chest. That’s much more important than sticking to what you’ve been taught.
In your heart you also know what you can let go of and what you shouldn’t react to.

Every soul who is now incarnate on the earth knows about this, only there are people who make the resistance against it their lifestyle, they choose the hard, the partisan and the insensitive way. Some of them choose for more profit and some choose for even more judgement of others.
They are the saboteurs who want to hold on to the old and they fear the change towards love and towards freedom from collective (belief) systems (often because it is all they know).
But the people who are in their hearts are many, now everyone also has to start living from the heart.

In a heart-based society the heart-based attitude is the ruler and society is the result but not the ruler.

Published by Rosarium Lane

producer/recording artist, in the world, not of it.

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