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Since a few days, after releasing my latest reggae single, Dawn, I deleted my instagram and twitter accounts. This was because I felt a huge clash with these platforms and the way people behave on them. (I haven’t had Facebook for years)

I will post my latest post from tumblr about this below this text. I already disliked the new instagram design with the shop tab on the place where the likes used to be. (They probably thought that was a good place, the former dopamine button) And especially on twitter I noticed that people do not want to hear about spirituality, even more in posts related to covid-19. People muted me or twitter censored my posts.

When I posted about the release of Dawn people seemded to ignore it and some unfollowed me, I think people did not understand it or thought it was not appropriate at this time, maybe some thought that I was presenting myself as a prophet or something, which really is not the case.

That was enough thinking for me, about what the reaction was and I wanted to step out of that social media bubble and all the shallowness and worldy interpretations. People are really running wild on platforms like twitter and instagram and it’s ugly superficial. It is madness.

The advertiser mentality is so much part of the social media platforms and users have made that part of their behaviour on social media. I think it is terrible that young people grow up with that and like that, taking on that advertiser mindset. Personally I find that twitter and instagram have become corrupted beyond repair with all the algorithming and flagging and muting and that advertiser mentality. With that they are also corrupting the minds of many people.

So below I will post what I wrote on my tumblr (old website) and this will be my new website. 🙂 – That is –

Update from Rosarium Lane who left Twitter and Instagram yesterday.

“I think it is sad how spirituality is still ridiculed in the world and how shallow platforms like insta and Twitter are. The absence of reactions to my song Dawn and some unfollowers because of it was unpleasant and rude. It really is a song for those who are in the world but not of it. Also, ‘friends’ on these platforms do not mean much, obviously.

Covid should have been a wake up call for humanity, but people do not seem to get it and go on in the same way ‘saving the economy’ instead of changing it. Also still forgetting that we are nature.”

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