About the new single: Dawn

It should be obvious that the words of this song, Dawn, are mostly symbolic. “Feel the dawning pulling your covers away” for example is really about pulling the masks away and the layers of conditioning and illusions.

I presented this song on december 1, 2020, five days ago when I write this, with the tag #newera and the words; this song is for the world. I do believe this is the dawning of a new era but on a worldly level it seems to be on an unconscious level, still. But the right path for the world would and should be a holistic one, also when it is about the economy.

A holistic path is also a spiritual path because it is about merging the particles of spirit or awareness with the particles and molecules that form matter.

Recently I heard a schientist on tv who was saying: ..that we are…(pause) connected to nature, actually he wanted to say and should have said; that we are nature. This is exactly what is often missing with scientists, being one with matter, instead of controlling matter like many are used to.

The second verse is about the growing of a rose, this is symbolic for the growth of spiritual awareness in a person’s life. “Born in a world of illusions” is what the young spiritual self often experiences in this world and that is mostly true. Maya as some call it (illusion in Sanskrit).

About the music, I kept it quite empty when it comes to vocals, because that is how I wrote it and I like the vibe and sound of the music and the reggae shuffle. What mostly would be played with the left hand of an organist is what I played apart from the right hand reggae chop. So there is that ska like shuffle with an oo sound going throughout the song that gives it a nice spring, but I played that with my right hand. So if the piano chop is A you hear oo A oo – oo A oo 🙂

Published by Rosarium Lane

producer/recording artist, in the world, not of it.

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