Video for the new single Didi

💚 Video for the new single Didi.
So much value is attached to meaning, maybe that’s why the words in this song have no meaning and therefore more meaning. The sounds that form these ‘words’ came to me 10 minutes before I started recording them, I recorded all three vocal tracks in 20 minutes.

Everything in this song is spontaneous, the three vocals are the first and only three takes and the video recordings are also the first takes. I like the part when my guitar self walks away at 3.12 and seems to switch off his video layer/shadow and my self with cat seems to look at my guitar self while he is no longer in the screen, pure coincidence. This track is all about having fun with music. Creation is much more about fun than about meaning.

What I am actually singing is:” Didi wan connez” (connez as in french) or in english [Didi wankonay]. But the sounds were there before the letters so I had to translate it into ‘words’ and I do not really like that because then it becomes something else. One thing I do find funny is that I later heard it as ‘Didi wacko’ with an a as in want 🤪. Personally I find it more magical without words or ‘meaning’. Meanings have wiped away many truths. The vibe of this music is more than meaning, it is Love and Spirit and a warm bath and not everything needs to be understood.
length of the song: 4.20
💚 Rosarium Lane
Co star🐱:Pip

New Single ‘ Didi’ Released

Hi dear people,

I am happy to release my new single Didi today.

It is on all streaming services and online music stores

and there is also a video on youtube 💚

Metaverse, Big mistake

Stop inventing things that keep people from going within.

Beware, this is insanity and it will create more insanity. Learn to appreciate natural/spiritual reality and you will find dimensions with your awareness and without science or tech that are much better and more amazing than augmented nonsense* (*not reality).

Shame on them who think that they are doing something good for the world with this. We need some tech wipes as in solar flares.

Stop inventing things that keep people from going within.

Every time we come to tell them something…

Every time we come to tell them something they turn it into a religion and they alienate us with worship.


Forget the world, start with yourself.


Numbers don’t lie, nor do they tell the truth.


Science and religion are of the world, not of spirit.


Happy Holidays

I wish you, my followers and lovers of my music Happy Holidays.

A bit different maybe, this year, here it is with a hard lockdown so I will be on my own but that is fine with me, I have done that several times before.

I also wish all a blessed 2022

❤️ 🎄

Rosarium Lane

Heart-Based Society

The things that are happening in the world right now are all about change. They are changes and calls for changes.
It is time for all people in the world to start a heart-based society and say goodbye to the business-based or religion-based societies.

My country, the Netherlands, is back in a hard lockdown as of today. The time people spend alone at home can be used to be or become more heart-based. See, approach and respond not with your head but with your heart, the mind in the heart and practice being centered in your chest. That’s much more important than sticking to what you’ve been taught.
In your heart you also know what you can let go of and what you shouldn’t react to.

Every soul who is now incarnate on the earth knows about this, only there are people who make the resistance against it their lifestyle, they choose the hard, the partisan and the insensitive way. Some of them choose for more profit and some choose for even more judgement of others.
They are the saboteurs who want to hold on to the old and they fear the change towards love and towards freedom from collective (belief) systems (often because it is all they know).
But the people who are in their hearts are many, now everyone also has to start living from the heart.

In a heart-based society the heart-based attitude is the ruler and society is the result but not the ruler.


If you really want to free your mind, you have to step into the undefined
and do not use what is already defined to explain what you there find.

Rosarium Lane

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