Recording part finished

Last night I finished the recording part for my new album, I still have to do some mastering but I have the whole package together now, so the album will probably be released in August 2021.

Album Update

The difficult part about making an album is keeping what is already finished to yourself. I am not releasing singles from this album. Currently working on track 5 and 6.

What is nice about making an album is working on multiple songs at the same time.

Still playing my 30 year old Tokai stratocaster.

What the world needs now

What the world needs now is changing people and therefore changing leaders and politicians who are willing to make big changes. Not ‘restoring’ the old familiar.
Change the economic system (forget economic growth) get rid of fossil fuel (vehicles) yesterday.
Introduce U.B.I., because no one can choose a natural spiritual existence, with the system as it is now and it is ugly and not pleasant and it is forced on you from birth. And make more beautiful and better buildings. (concrete jungle)
Re-educate yourself.

…And if you are thinking: who is going to pay for that? Money does not grow on trees.
Trees do not grow on money either.

I met a girl in the music (instrumental)

World-dance vibe with spanish guitars, djembes and a bamboo flute. Good vibes. Instrumental base of an old song of mine. If you are interested in the artwork, buy a print or a tote bag here:

Cool Backpacks

I have put some of my designs on backpacks, on Society 6.

I think this one came out very nice.

It has a brighter tone of blue on the side, you can see a little bit of it on the left below the zipper.

See more on/or buy here

Modern man still doesn’t get the message – Covid

In the spiritual world it is well known that pandemics and viruses are a kind of biological protest of the species undergoing them, usually a last “resort”.

Now I hear people talk about how modern humans treat nature and that Covid-19 is the result of it, but that is only partly true.

It is the biological species called human this time that has now manifested a biological protest and that has a lot to do with inequality and the way the economic system works, the fairy tale of economic growth.

Yesterday I heard it in The House of Commons where Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer, spoke again about economic growth with a kind of passion and pride that made me sick. I also recently read Ursula von der Leyen (EU) again writing about #jobsjobsjobs, the well-known mantra of the system, I would almost say.

It is literally sickening how the modern world (the system) is trying to get back to the (same) old, while covid should have been a call to change the system and end inequality and poverty and indeed also the way the modern man interacts with the earth.

So many people do not want to live in or with this system and being forced to play a ‘game’ that is destructive and unfair, a system and a life they don’t like but which is already determined for them.

Begin anew.


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