Society – with lyrics


You’ve changed
with your cars and your factories
on mobile phones you are running away
you have become so intellectual
so utterly obsessed with your brain
I wake up in your vibe every day
but I don’t watch tv in the morning
to keep you away while I start my day
it feels like waking up in nature
with a factory on my land
pipelines in the sand

Verse 2 is for nature so no words, but birds

it feels like waking up in nature
with a factory on my land
pipelines in the sand

rain on leaves, wind in trees
my home, don’t take it away
Particles of matter and particles of spirit
dance the dance of life
pulsating between spirit and matter all the time
no hurry or rush like your technology
creation is now, can’t you see?
You have scared many beings away
but you don’t feel it
because you are so stuck in your brain
it feels like waking up in nature
with a factory on my land
pipelines in the sand

From the album High Teach by Rosarium Lane

New album released

Just dropping my new album ‘High Teach’ here. I hope you like it and that you take it seriously.

You may have to wait until it is really august 10 where you live to see and hear it on spotify etc. I am posting this at midnight (8-10)in the Netherlands

On this webpage you can read about my album and also check the pink buttons below the artwork on top. The ‘album’  button goes to one page with all the streaming and download services on it. you can also check out the ‘Merch’ button and the lyrics.

Some people will turn their back on modernity

December 2017. Tikal National Park at sunrise. Tikal, Guatemala. Photograph by Jason Houston for USAID

One day there will be a split between people who want to live in cities and go Star Trek and people who want to live in, with and from nature. The divide has already been created because the modern world has become too modern, hastily, I add and much of the Earth has already been built over. Natural areas will have to remain for people and the animals.

Some people will turn their back on this kind of modernity we have now.

Maybe I should add that I am peace and love and not a person who sends bomb letters.

Recording part finished

Last night I finished the recording part for my new album, I still have to do some mastering but I have the whole package together now, so the album will probably be released in August 2021.

Album Update

The difficult part about making an album is keeping what is already finished to yourself. I am not releasing singles from this album. Currently working on track 5 and 6.

What is nice about making an album is working on multiple songs at the same time.

Still playing my 30 year old Tokai stratocaster.

What the world needs now

What the world needs now is changing people and therefore changing leaders and politicians who are willing to make big changes. Not ‘restoring’ the old familiar.
Change the economic system (forget economic growth) get rid of fossil fuel (vehicles) yesterday.
Introduce U.B.I., because no one can choose a natural spiritual existence, with the system as it is now and it is ugly and not pleasant and it is forced on you from birth. And make more beautiful and better buildings. (concrete jungle)
Re-educate yourself.

…And if you are thinking: who is going to pay for that? Money does not grow on trees.
Trees do not grow on money either.

I met a girl in the music (instrumental)

World-dance vibe with spanish guitars, djembes and a bamboo flute. Good vibes. Instrumental base of an old song of mine. If you are interested in the artwork, buy a print or a tote bag here:

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