That Other Pollution

The Joy Of Missing Out

These days I post things on the innernet, even though this blog post is a post on the internet, it has been a while.

I stopped using Twitter and Instagram a year ago and recently I also threw out tumblr and linkedin, (have not had Facebook in years) I now call social media ‘that other pollution’ and I rediscovered the Joy Of Missing Out, #JOMO

I find it ridiculous and terrbible how social media is intertwined with the news and society. It is so shallow and empty and especially instagram facilitates girls and women to be sex objects and make money with 1 or 2 million followers. It is all business and manipulated timelines and that is what (young) people seem to learn from it. That creates an ugliness in society which I find disgusting. It is a real pollution of the mind and of society. I think mankind must be very careful with this. But people are so addicted that many do not want to realise this.

Even writing about it feels unpleasant, so I want to end with repeating that I rediscovered the Joy Of Missing Out.

Phase Down

Phase down = Face down (in shame)
I am not over this yet and I woke up with it.
Also, saying that it is so special that coal is mentioned in the Glasgow Pact for the first time is easy but a bad excuse. No matter how little sleep you had.
Phase it out.

About the song ‘Society’

I’ve been thinking for a while about explaining something about the track ‘Society’ from my album High Teach.
I think it is a track that some people don’t understand and people might think I shouldn’t have written it in the ‘you’ form because it comes across as if I’m distancing myself from society.
Well, actually I do distance myself from society in my life and I follow my inner nature and path but what I want to say is this:

When I recorded the track High Teach and was thinking that I wanted to make an album and what I wanted to put on it, I had a profound experience.

With my inner eye I saw a green wave coming out of the ground with a face like the green man in it, Actually it looked like my own face too and this green energy said “don’t forget about me/us” (me/us was how it came across and I did not hear a verbal sentence but the sentence came to me as a packet of information, as is often the case with these kinds of experiences.) I wrote this on my Ustart start page as a post it note while I was working on the album.

During the recording of the album I kept this experience in mind and when I was listening to the album for the first time after mastering the tracks and I came to the track ‘Society’ I listened to it with a worldly ear and thought oh People are not going to like this but then the green energy came up again with a very sincere and emotional thank you for this song.
Despite the doubt, I still put this song on the album, because the green experience had more influence. So this is where my album comes from.

I wrote the lyrics for ‘Society’ from the perspective of this green energy, from the perspective of the animals and nature, that is why I wrote it in ‘you’ form.

Let me also explain again why there is an instrumental part in the middle of the song instead of a verse. People use many words but nature speaks without words, so I chose to put some bird sounds on the music instead of a verse with words in the middle of the song.

From the album High Teach by Rosarium Lane


Identity and identification are different things.

One can identify with various things or stop identifying with certain things and still not know or be one’s own identity.

Mostly, becoming aware of one’s identity envolves letting go of identification, for example with physical characteristics or group characteristics and becoming one’s identity is a spiritual proces. People who are not spiritual can get very confused about this because identification with form is not about identity.


I have not made or posted any selfies since I stopped using instagram and Twitter (have not had a Facebook account in years) and I also did not make a videoclip for my new album.

So this is the actual situation. 🙂

Scientific consensus is dangerous

Scientific consensus is scary and dangerous, more dangerous than conspiracy thinking. (I don’t do either of these, but I do come across that consensus myself, unfortunately)

Mammoth Train (Stolen Earth) lyrics

This song is for the people who live on the streets in L.A. and all homeless and poor people in the world.


Hey babylon, I’ve got some things to say
Sweet up, sweet up, sweety
Honesty on its way, yeah

I don’t want to live with your dying system
your system is full of lies
Sometimes I think you just want to go star trek
and leave the planet and the poor behind

When one wants to live off the land
living a spiritual life
first one has to work for the system
to maybe buy a piece of land sometime

Here comes the Mammoth herd, as in a procession
here comes the mammoth train, this is our confession

How many hidden documents are waiting the be reveiled?
How many more covids do you really need?
I can not live like this, the way you control abundance
you just want more more more (economic growth)
not knowing what enough is

Here comes the Mammoth train, come join the procession
We don’t accept your game, that is our confession
We are back again now, you did not get rid of us
Here comes the Mammoth train, come on and join us

How many hidden documents are waiting the be reveiled?
How many more covids do you really need?
I can not live like this, the way you control abundance
you just want more more more
not knowing what enough is

From the new album High Teach

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