Modern human is lost and trapped in the illusion of logic.

Modern human is lost and trapped in the illusion of logic. Now, I could write a lot of things to explain what I mean with that but that would just be another logical explanation, so I won’t,

It is a fact that has to be realised.

Self-Maintaining Economy

When we look at nature on planet Earth it is actually a self-maintaining economy but the man-made economy of the world (something else than the Earth) is all about economic growth and profit.

Most flora on Earth produce an ubundance of seeds and fruits but plants and trees do not sell their seeds or fruits for water. Ants and bees do not think about jobs, jobs, jobs, they just follow their nature.

I think that humanity at this point in time has enough resources and sufficient knowledge to change the current economic system in a way that is in harmony with nature and planet Earth and in a way that creates happier lives for people. Many people do not/no longer want to do what the system does or expects them to do.

The big saboteurs are greed and habit (“saving the economic growth”). But the only economy that should be saved by man is nature and planet Earth.

Green Cities

Credit: Singapore Management University

When we think about satellite images of the Earth from this time, or, if they would exist, from the Bronze Age, we would see much more green on the latter.

My dream for the world and Earth also contains green cities even the high-rise buildings with plants growing on them and much more trees allover the place. I also believe that it is time for a Universal Basic Income and in a holistic and green world free solar panels for people who start living on their own would also be normal. I believe that people are forced into living with the current system and that conditioning starts at a very young age, but some people are born on this planet to give their love and energy to the planet and the world, maybe grow their own food and maintain a piece of land and not to ‘feed’ the current system.

I don’t want to write many details and there are people who can work this out much better than I can. Think of Kate Raworth (Doughnut Economics) and the Dutch Party for the Animals.

It would be a huge step and it would need all countries in the world to come together. But now is a good time.

Bring Forth!

Rosarium Lane’s Dawn lyrics

a new sun is rising
to mark a new day
feel the dawning
pulling your covers away
in the new daylight
yesterday has died
Your streets for the first time
from the darkness of night rises a new light

in a world of illusions
like a seed in the cold dark soil
inside you burning
like it makes the ground water boil
through the stage of a green shoot
growing high and strong
the bud is breaking open
let me see what you got
show the colours of your heart

yeah, yeah….

where you coming from?

Come on

A new sun is rising
A new sun is rising
A new sun is rising
A new sun is rising


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